July 9, 2018- I have identified as a writer for a long time, but always felt like an imposter. I have a degree in English Writing but if someone were to ask me, what do you write about they would hear crickets…My writing is typically scattered. I will enjoy moments of pure inspiration, followed by extreme dry spells induced by lack of time and intention. I think this is why I gravitated toward poetry–small bite size ideas rather than the commitment of an extended project.
When I started to flush out the idea for my book, I knew I would need some serious backup. I went to school to be a teacher because I am good at school. I possess this self-awareness, and so I decided to find a writing coach to help hold me accountable and guide me through this process. Oh boy am I thrilled and terrified all at once!
A book is a daunting task. My coach and I set a goal of writing at least 40,000 words, book-worthy material, in four weeks. I already have about 9,000 words and have committed to 1,000 words per day. We are not wasting any time.
My original ideas were scattered in a Google Doc. When inspiration hit, I would jot down my thoughts until I saw the idea through. I came back to topics as new ideas hit and so on. This left me with a ton of material but it was also a total MESS! My coach literally called it an idea “dump”.
Our time together during our first session was spent organizing ideas (with colored post-its to identify titles and subtitles). This was such a helpful strategy to help visualize the concepts and the flow of the book. I feel like we were able to develop a truly cohesive outline which is leaving me feeling way more in control.
My homework for our first session: What is your book’s THESIS? What is the central theme that all of your ideas and explorations will connect to?
Here’s what I’m thinking:
Letter writing to excavate the extraordinary from the ordinary.