Project Description

Flash Fiction

I just wanted them to notice me. The kid with the worn, paint stained, overalls, shaggy hair that hadn’t been washed in at least 3 days. It was field trip day. It was April. Our teacher, Mrs. Perk, rattled on about amphibians, and turtles, and exhibits. Nonsense. I tucked myself at the back of the blistering yellow bus. Jostling back and forth next to some kid’s backpack because he didn’t want to sit next to me. Mortified when Lucy saw him shove it into my chest, like a bag handler.

I was sick of being pushed around. Sick of being ignored. We walked in and huddled together on the floor, indian style. Some lady picked up where Mrs. Perk had left off with her rattling. And then I saw it. A snake. It’s eyes locked with mine, as if calling my name, “Aaron”, I knew this would be my moment, to make them pay attention. I sulked off into the shadows, while my zombie classmates were fixated on the Nature video playing on the projector.

Looking back now, it was probably a bad idea. I’m banned from the nature center for life. Hell if I care. The glory was worth the rattling lecture, the detentions. As I held its scaly flesh, blood stains added to my overalls amongst the paint splatter, the corpse limp in my hands, Lucy had finally locked eyes on me.